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Orange PEDAL-BABY-100 Pedal Baby 100 A 100w Class A/B Power Amplifier, Designed For The Touring Musician

SKU:  ae00-1989
Manufacturer Part #:  PEDAL-BABY-100
Orange Pedal Baby 100 A 100w Class A/B Power Amplifier, Designed For The Touring Musician


The Pedal Baby 100 is, quite simply, a power amp for pedalboard setups. In the modern gigging world, you might be playing your own rig one night and house backline the next. Because of this, many guitarists are now getting all their sounds from their ‘board, only needing their amp for volume – and lots of it! It doesn’t make sense to base your sound around a big, traditional valve amp if you don’t always get to use it, and other monitoring setups just don’t quite cut it either. So, if your pedalboard or modeller has every tone you’ll ever need but you miss that “big, loud amp” feel, then the Pedal Baby is for you. And it’s portable enough to take to every gig in the diary, even if you have to leave the cab at home.

With 100 Watts of Class A/B power and a Class A front end, the Pedal Baby 100 has all the warmth and dynamics we love about our old valve amps, making it the perfect partner for a pedal-centric rig. Small and lightweight, and with an intuitive 2-band EQ, it adapts brilliantly to different cabs when travelling light so you never have to worry about getting a consistent sound between shows.

Class A/B Power Amp

While Class D amps are praised for their efficiency, Class A/B amps have a certain response that you just can’t get any other way. The Pedal Baby 100 gives guitarists back the dynamics, punch and natural sound that are missing in many modern power amps. Plus, Class A/B amps produce real power into standard guitar cab impedances; 100W into 8 Ohms and 70W into 16 Ohms, to be precise.

Class A Front End

Inspired by valve amp circuits, we’ve used a Class A, single-ended front end design. Forget sterile-sounding Solid State amps, the Pedal Baby 100 keeps all of your tone’s mojo, then adds a bit more.

EQ Designed for Flexibility

The Bass and Treble controls on the Pedal Baby are voiced more like ‘Depth’ and ‘Presence’ – right where you find the all-important low-end resonance and upper mid peaks that define the character of a speaker cabinet. Hook up your go-to cab and dial in all your favorite pedalboard tones with these EQ controls set flat (12 o’clock). Then tweak the EQ to ‘dial out’ the differences in any unfamiliar backline cab, giving you the sound of your own rig on any stage without messing up your pedalboard settings.


Weighing around 3Kg and powering big cabs on big stages, the Pedal Baby 100 is the perfect amp for fly dates or any guitarist travelling light. Downsize your rig, not your tone.

  • Features: 100 Watt Class A/B Power amplifier for Pedalboards and Modellers
  • Controls: Bass, Treble, Volume
  • Output Power: 100 Watts at 8 Ohms, 70 Watts at 16 Ohms
  • Valves: NA
  • Impedance: Minimum total impedance 8 Ohms
  • 1 X 8 Ohms
  • 1 X 16 Ohms
  • 2 X 16 Ohms
  • Speaker Output Options: 2 X Speaker Outputs
  • Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 30cm x 7.7cm x 19.5cm (11.81″ x 3.03″ x 7.68″)
  • Unboxed Weight: 3.2Kgs (7.05lbs)



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Manufacturer Part #:  PEDAL-BABY-100
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