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Fender 0994933000 Stratocaster Tremolo Arm Tips, Aged White (2)

SKU:  ae00-1120
Manufacturer Part #:  0994933000
Fender Stratocaster Tremolo Arm Tips, Aged White (2)

Set of two tremolo arm tips for use with most American, American Standard, American Vintage, Classic Player and Artist series Stratocaster models.

Tremolo arm tips designed to fit most Fender® tremolo arms. Available in white, black, aged white, and parchment.

UPC: 717669507015 Color: Aged White Part #: 0994933000 Description: Tremolo Arm Tip, Strat®, Aged White (2) 


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SKU:  ae00-1120^0994933000
Manufacturer Part #:  0994933000
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Price: $4.49

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