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DWCP6300UL Ultra Light Series Flush Base Snare Stand

SKU:  ae00-1751
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP6300UL
Drum Wolrkshop DWCP6300UL Ultra Light Series Flush Base Snare Stand

A scaled down version of the popular line-up of 6000 Series retro-styled, flush-base hardware, 6000 Series Ultralight™ stands utilize smaller diameter, lighter gauge steel tubing and a low mass tube joint for optimal portability. Other marquis features include a new Glide Tilter™ for exacting adjustment of snare drum angles. An "old-school" snare basket design get a modern, spring-loaded make over. Ultralight™ hardware is a perfect for bop kits, vintage sets and gigging drummers everywhere.

  • Snare Basket with Spring Adjustment (U.S. Patent No. 9,721,549)
  • Low-profile and lightweight aluminum Flush Base Design
  • Ultralight™ Joints are smooth, strong, and lightweight
  • Basket Grips are lightweight, secure, and stylish

With sleek, retro styling and modern features, 6000 Series hardware is the perfect compliment to any Jazz, Classics or even rock set-up. A versatile aluminum flushed-base design can be locked flat or raised for easier placement around the kit. Some of today's most notable players swear by 6000 hardware because it's lightweight yet tough enough for touring.


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SKU:  ae00-1751^DWCP6300UL
Manufacturer Part #:  DWCP6300UL
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