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LatinPercussion LP005 Li'l Ridge Rider Cowbell

SKU:  ae00-1101
Manufacturer Part #:  LP005
Latin Percussion LP005 Li'l Ridge Rider Cowbell

The Latin Percussion LP005 Li'l Ridge Rider uses patented single seam and ridge technology in a small sized, high pitched Rock bell that is the perfect complement for the other Ridge Rider cowbells in our collection. The Jenigor ridge dampens the sound and prevents the bell from denting when played. Made in the USA with a patented, self-aligning eye-bolt that fits 3/8” to 1/2” diameter rods, it’s a perfect choice for the drum set player.

Designed to meet all musical needs and fit into any genre, LP has created a large variety of LP bells, each offering different pitches and sound characteristics. All mounted cowbells feature the famous forged eye-bolt clamp assembly with oversized wing nuts that provide secure placement on 3?8" diameter mounting rods with only finger tightening.

Unique new construction process
A new partner to our renowned, patented Ridge Rider bells
Utilizes the same technology featured on the larger size Ridge Riders, including the Jenigor striking ridge which preserves both the bell and the stick
Smaller size bell is higher pitched than the larger sized Ridge Riders and is perfect for use with the drum kit

  • 5 1/2" Mountable, Black
  • Rich, cutting sound is high pitched and moderately dry
  • Patented Jenigor bar dampens sound and resists denting
  • Patented self-aligning eye-bolt fits 3/8” to 1/2”diameter rods
  • Made in the USA



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SKU:  ae00-1101^LP005
Manufacturer Part #:  LP005
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