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Remo M4-1106-F6-D2 Conga Drumhead, Symmetry, 11.06" D2, Fiberskyn®

SKU:  ae00-1645
Manufacturer Part #:  M4-1106-F6-D2
Remo M41106F6D2 Symmetry Fiberskyn Conga Drumhead, M4 Type, 11.06" Crown, D2

The Symmetry Fiberskyn® Conga drumhead is our most Versa®tile Conga drumhead in terms of fit. Fiberskyn® provides a superb, authentic drum sound with maximum projection, lively overtones and the sound and feel the top percussionists prefer. Symmetry provides superior construction, low maintenance and features a Crimplock® hoop increasing stability and tuning range. Symmetry drumheads fit more Conga drum models from the various manufacturers in the industry. Available in sizes: 9.75", 10.75", 11", 11.75", 12.50", 13". Fits Latin Percussion Models: LP-ACCENT CC ll RIMS, LP-CANDIDO CC ll RIMS, LP-CLASSIC CC ll RIMS, LP-CLASSIC CC ll RIMS, LP-GALAXY CC ll RIMS, LP-GARCIA CC ll RIMS, LP-MATADOR CC ll RIMS, LP-MONTALVO CC ll RIMS, LP-ORIGINAL CC ll RIMS, LP-PATATO FIBERGLASS CC ll RIMS, LP-REKOW CC ll RIMS, LP-SALSA CC ll RIMS



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SKU:  ae00-1645^M4-1106-F6-D2
Manufacturer Part #:  M4-1106-F6-D2
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