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Digitech FS300-U Used FS300 3-button footswitch

Digitech FS300-U Used FS300 3-button footswitch

SKU:  ae00-3290
Manufacturer Part #:  FS300-U


The Used DigiTech multi-effects processor? Then you need an FS-300 footswitch! This 3-button footswitch provides increment program selection or bypass for all new DigiTech multi-effects processors. The FS-300's three buttons control program up, program down, and bypass, for easy, simple floor operation.
FS-300 Footswitch lets singers bypass harmony, switch from the A&B sections, turn the reverb on and off, and mute individual voices as you play or sing.



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SKU:  ae00-3290^FS300-U
Manufacturer Part #:  FS300-U
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