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Latin Percussion LP234-BK Mini Afuche Cabasa Black

SKU:  ae00-1586
Manufacturer Part #:  LP234-BK
Latin Percussion LP234-BK Mini Afuche Cabasa Black

Invented over 40 years ago by founder Martin Cohen, the LP Afuche/Casaba has become one of the most essential percussion instruments in history. Loops of steel bead chain wrapped around a specially textured, stainless steel cylinder that produce a mulitude of scraping rhythmic patterns. The larger the size of the instrument, the louder the volume.


  • 2-3/4" diameter Afuche/Casaba with plastic frame and handle
  • Beads can be rotated around the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or shaken for varying sounds Patented
  • Perfect for low volume situations and smaller hands

Manufacturer:Latin Percussion


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SKU:  ae00-1586^LP234-BK
Manufacturer Part #:  LP234-BK
Weight:  1.00
Price: $32.99

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