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LatinPercussion LP592A-X Mic Claw with 3/8" Diameter Z-Rod

SKU:  ae00-1550
Manufacturer Part #:  LP592A-X
Latin Percussion Mic Claw with 3/8" Diameter Z-Rod

Secure even your heaviest microphones right to the rim of your snare, tom, or conga with this . Equipped with a 3/8"-diameter Z rod (rather than a flexible gooseneck), the LP Mic Claw offers you rock-solid stability, without seriously limiting your mic-placement options. Best of all, the Mic Claw's 5/8" threading accommodates just about any standard microphone out there. - Latin Percussion Mic Claw Drum-mounted Mic Stand Features:Provides epic stability so you can mount nearly any microphone to your drum - Clamps securely to virtually any drum hoop, including snare, tom, and congo hardware - Rubber-lined jaw mount reduces vibration and provides an extremely firm hold - Z rod lets you position your microphone wherever you like, without compromising stability - Standard 5/8" microphone threading allows you to mount virtually any microphone - Mount up even your heaviest mics with the Latin Percussion Mic Claw! 

  • 3/8” diameter Z-Rod allows close or extended positioning
  • Rubber lined jaw/mount isolates mic from vibration & cross talk
  • Great for mounting large and/or heavy microphones
  • New ratcheting system prevents free rotation of accessories



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SKU:  ae00-1550^LP592A-X
Manufacturer Part #:  LP592A-X
Weight:  2.00
Price: $39.99

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