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Shure SE425-CL Sound Isolating Dual Driver Earphone with Detachable Cable, Clear

SKU:  ae00-1492
Manufacturer Part #:  SE425-CL
Shure SE425-CL Sound Isolating Dual Driver Earphone with Detachable Cable, Clear Sound Isolating™ Earphones

Shure Sound Isolating™ Earphones, built with balanced armature speakers, deliver a detailed soundstage free from outside noise. The powerful and stylish Shure SE earphones come with a detachable cable, adapters, a durable carrying case, and interchangeable Sound Isolating sleeves for a comfortable and personalized fit.

Detachable Cable

You may need to detach the cable from the earphones to attach optional components or to replace the cable if it becomes damaged. To prevent accidental separation, the connector has a snug fit. Take special care to prevent damage to the earphone and connector.

  • Do not use pliers or other tools.
  • Grasp the connector and the earphone as close as possible to where they join.
  • Pull straight apart—do not twist. Cable is a snap fit, not threaded.
  • Note: If you pull at an angle, the connector will not detach.

Do not pull on the cable or put any pressure on the earphone nozzle.

Listen for a click when connecting.

When reattaching the cable, match the "L" and "R" markings. For clear cables and earphones, match the color dots (Red=Right, Blue=Left).

  • Transducer Type: Dual balanced-armature drivers
  • Sensitivity at 1 kHz : 109  dB SPL/MW
  • Frequency Range: 20  Hz –19  kHz
  • Input Connector: Gold-plated 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo mini jack plug with 6.35 mm (1/4”) threaded adapter
  • Net Weight: 30  g (1  oz.)
  • Operating Temperature: -18°C to 57°C (0°F to 135°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -29°C to 74°C (-20°F to 165°F)



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