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Groove Tubes 5550113515 6L6R Power Tubes Medium Rating Matched Duet

SKU:  ae00-1262
Manufacturer Part #:  5550113515

Perhaps the most reliable of the currently made types, with slightly less power and a more aggressive edge when pushed into distortion.

These are the tubes that are used by Fender in amps that use 6L6 tubes and are amps that DO NOT come from their custom shop. These are used in the Hot Rod series, Blues DeVille series, Pro Tube series, BF reissue series.

If you are trying to match your stock tube rating with the GT rating:
On Fender amps, output tubes in newer amps are color coded.
These are White = GT 4-7 rating

High number will have to be driven at higher volume levels to begin to reach output stage distortion.  These are liked by some Jazz players that want a very clean sound.  They are also preferred by some heavy metal folks, who want very clean high headroom.  These folks like to get most of their distortion from front end effects, pedals, or by running their preamp levels very high.  These tubes have the least dynamic touch and will give the most clean headroom.  These are the GT 8-10 range, and the Fender "red" painted tubes.

The Fender tube scale is
Blue = GT 1-3 range
White = GT 4-7 range
Red = GT 8-10 range

In a amp with a given bias, a higher GT rated tube will have a higher idle dissipation if no adjustments are made.   
This aspect can be used to fine tune amps such as older tweed era Fender amps, Mesa Boogie Amps, Hiwatt, Orange, etc.   If you find as an example that a #5 tube has an idle of 26mA and you wish something closer to 30mA you may want to try a #7 rating.

Manufacturer:Groove Tubes


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Manufacturer Part #:  5550113515
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