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Meinl CSB8F Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl 8" / Note F / 432 Hz Heart Chakra

SKU:  ae00-1021
Manufacturer Part #:  CSB8F
Meinl CSB8F Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl 8"/ Note F / 432 Hz Heart Chakra

Crystal Singing Bowls White-frosted

The white-frosted Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowls made of high-purity quartz create a very pleasant aura with their sound and design. Their long-lasting, spherical tone spreads when the singing bowl is gently tapped or rubbed so that the energy can be felt in the entire surrounding.

All Crystal Singing Bowls are delivered with a silicone ring to avoid possible impact and to ensure the best resonance.

This bowl has a diameter of 8" / 20 cm and vibrates in note F4. The corresponding heart chakra promotes confidence, optimism, warmth, cheerfulness, compassion, and helpfulness.

You can use Crystal Singing Bowls for a variety of purposes: Chakra healing, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, improving your home Fengshui, adjusting your emotional state, or even for room decorating.


  • A4/a' 432 Hz Note F4 (about 342.88 Hz)
  • Made of high-purity, white-frosted quartz
  • Extremely long-lasting resonance

  • Weight: 1259g , 44.41oz
  • Size: 20cm   8″
  • Includes: White silicone ring



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Manufacturer Part #:  CSB8F
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